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We are ideal partner for all the small and medium-sized foundries which we supply ferroalloys, pure metals or special alloys for precision casting. We dealership British master alloys foundry LONGWEAR ALLOYS LTD. for Eastern Europe.

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We offer available production capacities on CNC turning centers DAEWOO PUMA. We offer accurate machining of parts from different materials: cast iron, steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, non-ferrous metals, plastics including their supply and division.

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According to your requirements, we prepare metallurgical material and transport it anywhere in the Czech Republic.

We supply these materials:
steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals, respectively iron, engineering plastics, etc.

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MT-Metal Trade Company is worldwide active in the collection and environmentally friendly use of highly alloyed steels and special alloys. In cooperation with specialized metal-lurgical operations in the UK we reclaim all contained metals back into the production process.

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mt metal

MT-Metal Trade, Ltd. was founded in 1992 in Brno and it is focusing on a wide range of services for industrial production.

Main activities of our company:

  • Comprehensive supply of metallurgical raw materials, primarily for precision casting foundries.
  • We dealership master alloys foundry Longwear Products Ltd.. (UK)
  • We offer available production capacities for co-operation on CNC turning centers.
  • Collecting and repurchase of waste, excessive stocks of special alloys or high-alloy materials and their subsequent return back into the production process.
  • Wholesale with all metallurgical materials.

Our main goal is a satisfied customer - that is why the quality and continuous improvement are our primary objectives.

The company's success depends on the fulfillment of current and future needs and expectations of customers. Constant monitoring of customer needs is an important activity and suggestions thus obtained are the basis for shaping the company's business strategy. Also quick response to changes in the requirements of our customers is a necessity leading to business success. Every customer demands compliance of delivered service with his requirements, reliability and availability in providing services.

We will call you back

MT-Metal Trade, Ltd.
Chladkova 2, 616 00, Brno
Phone, fax: +420 549 251 536
Email: info@mtmetal.com

Area of ​​the former Adast Inc.
679 04, Adamov
Phone: +420 603 874 181

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